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From the early days of childhood, Tyler Chase has had an eye for his future and an ear for what that sounded like. With the solid foundation of his country upbringing, Tyler learned to express the values of a small town in a big world through his writing and performing.

As the son of a preacher, his exposure ranged from tent revivals to international crusades. Over the past several years, there have been many paths but one focus for Tyler Chase— to write and sing the songs his life created.

Tyler’s roots in the format run deep. In the early 60s, his Grandfather drove from Texas to Tennessee to seek an opportunity in country music as a singer-songwriter. Unable to afford a room, he camped on the Harpeth River in preparation for a meeting with the famed Chet Atkins. But it wouldn’t be Tyler’s lineage without equal portions of dreamer and rebel. When Atkins told Grandpa, he’d buy his songs only if he could sing them, Grandpa told him to “kiss it” and hauled it back to Texas.

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Like his Grandfather, Tyler has always stayed locked in on a vision of what he wants. His EP out now, Hangin’, presents a collection of songs written by Tyler and a few of his friends. Produced by Evan Sieling, the energy, and soul of this up-and-coming entertainer are evident in every note and word.

2021 was a pivotal year for Tyler Chase. With the release of a personal tribute to his mom on Mother’s Day, 2021, “What a Momma Does”, he has gained momentum and critical acclaim. The song is a showcase of his writing and vocal ability. Life has taught Tyler Chase many lessons that have culminated in a unique style of storytelling. Those sounds are the heartbeat of his simple approach to writing and singing.

Tyler Chase created the live recordings of the Hangin’ Sessions with his band in Nashville in August of 2021. These are live audio/video performances that are currently being released each month to complement the studio versions.

Tyler finished the year strong by being displayed at the 2021 International Fairs & Expo’s Convention in San Antonio, TX, and presenting four nights of shows at Resort World Las Vegas during NFR. 2021 was a breakout year for Tyler Chase.

2022 has already started busy for Tyler Chase. With performances during the Ft. Worth Stock Show, and other Texas venues, Tyler continues to craft his live shows and connect with audiences at every show.

February brought a special photo engagement for Tyler Chase with acclaimed fashion photographer Dixie Dixon and The Drover Hotel at the famous Stockyards of Ft. Worth, TX.

To date Tyler Chase has received endorsements for hand-made western cowboy boots from Morris Boot Company, Durb’s Leather for custom leather guitar straps, and American Hat Company for felt and straw cowboy hats.

Tyler Chase is in the studio again, recording his second EP of original material. With the first single, “King of the Boondocks”, to be released Summer of 2022, this song will no doubt become an anthem for good simple living, and the unapologetic joy of finding fulfillment in your best life.

Another exciting chapter for Tyler is the new lifestyle series, “Doing the Damn Thing”, already filming and in production for a 2023 release of the first episodes. This series will follow Tyler’s daily life and events, focusing on the journey of an independent country music artist building a career from the ground up.

Another feature of the lifestyle series will be Tyler Chase performing and interacting with American Craftsmen/women in each episode, who offer the speciality of handcrafted products they produce.

Tyler Chase continues to write songs that reveal our lives in colors and chords that remind us through tragedy, triumph, and the passing of time, just how special this thing we know as life, really is.

Tyler is looking forward with anticipation. He is continuing to meet his fans, and make new fans, at local Writer’s Rounds, performances of his shows, online through a weekly “Live” music event each week on his social media outlets, or just walking down Nashville’s acclaimed Broadway!

Tyler Chase is a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated). Tyler is published through Charlie’s River Publishing and is managed by GRALMA Management. His shows are currently a production of Tyler Chase Entertainment.




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